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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Trustee Mischa Spoliansky Music 

Wise Music Classical who are in partnership with the Mischa Spoliansky Music Trust

The Werner Richard Heymann Trust, a Spoliansky friend and colleague

Frederick Hollander, another Spoliansky friend and colleague

Akademie der Kunst The Akademie holds all archive materials

Felix Bloch Erben Publisher of many of Spoliansky shows

Schott Music Publisher of Spoliansky shows

UMG Publishing

Warner Chappell Publisher

EMI Publishing

Peer Music

ASCAP Mechanical and Performing rights Society

GEMA Mechanical and Performing rights Society (Germany)

Professor Alan Lareau Expert on Spoliansky and in particular the Weimar period

Volker Kuhn

Jeremy Lawrence

Marlene Dietrich Collection Berlin

Marlene Dietrich

Eva Meier

duo-phon records

Melinda Hughes